Nice to Meet You

Kim DeLacy

Kim DeLacy shows her technical side with her folk stylings swaying towards electronic components in the new "Nice to Meet You" album due out 8/2/14. All songs by KD.

Kim DeLacy is a poetic storyteller who's instrumentals and graceful finger-picking patterns lend poignancy to the raw emotion in her voice. Insightful, heart-wrenching lyrics, melodic guitars, and looped percussive beats create a moody, haunting atmosphere that will remain with you long after listening to this talented young songstress.

Born in southern California and raised in northern Arizona, and playing countless shows around the area, DeLacy is no stranger to the western music scene. Kim recently joined Rachael Yamagata on stage at the Hotel Cafe in Hollywood, CA, and has had such guitar luminaries as Stanley Jordan, Grant-Lee Phillips, and Keith Martini accompany her live in concert.

DeLacy has been referred to by many as "a musicians musician", not only playing guitar for indie-rock foursome "Red Skedly" and folk duo "Apocolypstick", but she also played drums for the punk-rock bands "Cherry Soda Freak Show" and "Big Dick & the Boys". Kim has proven, with the release of her new album "crescendos and cadences" that she will not limit herself to guitar and drums alone. The new album includes acoustic, electric, and bass guitars, dobro, mandolin, dulcimer, harmonica, cello, trumpet, thump piano, keyboards, organ, churango, xylophones, drums, and Kazoo, all plays by DeLacy herself.

All these instruments are a drastic change from her acoustic based 2004 release, "The Kim Show". It was made obvious, when the release party for "The Kim Show" was held at the Orpheum Theater in Flagstaff, AZ, that people are listening and all agree that she has become a timeless songwriter. Then, along with her Early 2006 release "Songbook EP", came a heartwarming response from the fans. Enjoy the Rain Records reacted to the overwhelming demand and decided to release another full length album by Kim DeLacy, which after a year long wait, is complete. The album contains 12 songs that take you through the warmth of the fireplace and the broken glass in the back alley, and 2 secret songs recorded live in Sedona, AZ. This album is an unexpected mix of indie, folk, rock, alt. country, and distortion! DeLacy has successfully composed a musical baring of her soul, which makes for an amazing and unforgettable live performance. Don't Miss Her!

Places that Kim DeLacy has performed: Hotel Cafe(CA), The Orpheum Theater(AZ), Largo (CA), The Green Room(OR), Kilby Court (UT), Northern Arizona University(AZ), Bitter End (OR), Towne Lounge (OR), The Know (OR), Room 5(CA), Lizard Head Lounge(AZ), The Clubhouse(AZ), Mia's Lounge (AZ), Hideaway (AZ), The White Eagle(OR), The Boardwalk(AZ), Relics(AZ), Produce Row(OR), Oak Creek Brewery(AZ), GumptionFest(AZ), Hospice Festival(AZ), Trunkspace (AZ), Paisley Violin (AZ), Modified Atrs (AZ), Fiddlers Dream (AZ), What you Want(AZ), Riverfront Park(AZ), Wheeler Park (AZ), Sedona Books & Music(AZ), Random Acts Of Coffee(AZ), Olde Sedona(AZ), Casa Rincon(AZ), and many more!

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